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"The Business Builder" is written by Linda Rink, President of RINK Consulting, in collaboration with Valerie Schlitt, President of VSA, Inc.   Both Wharton MBA graduates, Linda and Valerie often team together to help clients identify and reach new customers.  In this newsletter, they share some of their business development insights.

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Linda Rink's recent articles are archived here:

September 2016. "You're the Best -- Now Prove It! "

July 2016. "The Customer's Journey"

May 2016. "How to Write a Winning Proposal"

March 2016. "How to Request a Proposal -- and Get the Results You Want!"

January 2016. "2016 Trends"

November 2015. "Research Thank-You's"

September 2015. "I Have No Competition!"

July 2015. "What's on the Horizon?"

May 2015. "Are You Ready to Decide?"











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