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"The Business Builder" is written by Linda Rink, President of RINK Consulting, in   collaboration with Valerie Schlitt, President of VSA, Inc.   Both Wharton MBA graduates, Linda and Valerie often team together to help clients identify and reach new customers.  In this newsletter, they share some of their business development insights.


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September 2006. "Target Your Best Prospects with the Right Mailing List"

November 2006. "Who Are Your Best Prospects?"

January 2007.  "Competitive Intelligence -- It's Not Just for Spies!"

March 2007.  "Leverage Your Business for Growth."

May 2007. "Positioning Your Business for Success."

July 2007. "When Do You Absolutely Need To Do Research?"

September 2007. "Market Research Tips (Part 1)."

November 2007. "Market Research Tips: Secondary Research."

January 2008. "Market Research Tips: Survey Thoughts."

March 2008. "How to Write a Request for Proposals and Get the Results You Want!"

May 2008. "How to Write a Winning Proposal."

July 2008. "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Do Research!"

September 2008. "Fortune Telling."

November 2008. "Risk Management."

January 2009: "New Year's Resolution - A Plan."

March 2009:  "You're the Best - Now Prove It."

May 2009:  "To Thine Own Self Be True."

July 2009. "Considering On-Line Surveys."

September 2009. "Mystery Shop Your Business."

November 2009.  "Is It Web 3.0 Already?"

January 2010. "2010 Trends"


Other Publications

"How to Write a Winning Proposal" (Updated version published in AIIP Connections, March 2010, pp. 9-11).

"Internet Research: Back to Basics! " (Published in Philly Ad News, March 2008).




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